Complaints Reporting, Handling and Management.

From time to time it may be the case that we receive a complaint from a client, patient or other person. If you are a candidate on assignment please report any complaint to the senior person in charge immediately and then to our department. If you are a consultant please refer the complaint immediately to the complaints department. If you are personally are the subject of a complaint you will be asked to record details as part of an investigation and in some circumstances it may be necessary to prevent you from attending any further assignments whilst the investigation is in process. Any complaints of misconduct against you may be reported to the NMC or other relevant registration body.
NursePlan`s complaints procedures are in line with the standards set by the modern NHS for maintaining professional standards. This enables our clients to make complaints quickly and NursePlan shall be required to investigate and resolve a complaint within the prescribed timeframes. The client will, with due regard to the Data Protection Act 1998, provide to NursePlan all necessary information in order for NursePlan to thoroughly investigate the complaint.
The complaints procedure is as follows:
1. Within five (5) working days of receipt of a complaint from the client or agency worker, NursePlan will acknowledge receipt of the complaint. The complaint should be made in writing on NursePlan `s form, this is available at our website
2. All reasonable endeavours will be made by NursePlan to ensure that all complaints are resolved within fifteen (15) days of the complaint being notified to NursePlan.
3. NursePlan shall ensure that in the event of the complaint being against an agency worker that the agency worker is fully informed of complaints relating to him/her. The worker shall be entitled to receive a copy of the complaint referred to in paragraph 1.
4. The worker will be afforded the opportunity to state his/her version of events and will be given seven (7) days to respond to NursePlan in writing.
5. All responses will be shared with the complainant and if appropriate, NursePlan will take demonstrable action to ensure there is no reoccurrence of the act or omission complained of.
6. The client may at any time request NursePlan to provide the client with an update as to the progress of the resolution of the complaint.
7. The client will receive a written response from NursePlan, detailing how the complaint has been resolved.
8. Where there is evidence of malpractice or the complaint is an event that requires notification, NursePlan will immediately notify the CQC, The Police, The Protection of Vulnerable Adults or Children and where applicable alert the workers professional body.
9. NursePlan, where necessary will immediately exclude the worker from its register whilst an investigation is in progress.
10. NursePlan undertakes to work with all parties applicable to an investigation and where necessary share finding of such investigations.
11. A full written record of the nature of each complaint and details of the action taken as a result of the complaint is kept on a secure database for easy access;
12. NursePlan has a quality assurance system in place to analyze and identify any patterns in complaints and trend analysis is conducted continuously.
13. The complainant at anytime has the right to refer this matter for review to the Care Quality Commission England.