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Drug Treatment Centers Los Angeles

Drug Treatment Centers Los Angeles

As an addiction victim dealing with severe withdrawal, joining our rehab treatment is essential. At Carus Recovery, we rely on customizable programs to help patients manage their conditions fast and with as little discomfort as possible. The treatment begins with detox and continues during the residential program and beyond.

How drug detox works

It’s natural to feel scared or on edge about joining the detox program. The treatment can cause some physical and mental discomfort, which is normal during this recovery phase. Our drug treatment centers in Los Angeles rely on personalized detox services to help you overcome the withdrawal safely.

The detox treatment may last up to 14 days on average, depending on your response to treatment and your addiction’s severity. There are several goals to reach during the detox phase and beyond:

  • Cleanse and rejuvenate the body – Your body will bear the marks of prolonged addiction, including malnourishment, liver problems, chemical imbalances in the brain, etc. The treatment relies on targeted medication to counter these problems, allowing your body to recover and begin the healing process.
  • Rebalance the mind – As a victim of prolonged addiction, you most likely show signs of emotional and cognitive imbalances. These are the result of chemical disruptions in the nervous system due to abusing drugs regularly. The detox treatment aims to restore the chemical balance in the brain and help you control your emotions and behavior. We achieve this via therapies like CBT, DBT, Art therapy, group therapy, etc.
  • Spiritual rejuvenation – Most addiction victims arriving at our drug treatment centers in Los Angeles show signs of advanced anxiety, depression, or other mental health problems. They are also in a poor spiritual state, showing negativity, pessimism, and hopelessness. The detox treatment aims to enlighten your spirits and put you in a better mood asap.

After detox, you will join the residential treatment, which is the most effective at combating advanced substance addictions. The residential treatment will help you:

  • Control your cravings and harmful behavior
  • Adopt and stick to a healthy and self-sufficient living routine
  • Learn about qualities like determination, responsibility, discipline, and optimism
  • Change your lifestyle completely
  • Fight for a more rewarding and stable career
  • Fix broken relationships with friends and loved ones, etc.

When should I join detox?

We recommend starting the detoxification program as soon as you notice the first signs of withdrawal. That’s the most compelling sign that the addiction has already set in. Without treatment, everything’s downhill from there. The detox program will allow you to overcome this critical phase in your life and begin the recovery journey in a good state of mind.

If you’re struggling to see a way out of your addiction, contact our team of professionals today. We have the most advanced and modern drug treatment centers in Los Angeles, providing access to state-of-the-art amenities and recovery modalities. Call Carus Recovery, discuss your situation with our experts, and come over for clinical assessment and treatment planning. Begin the treatment today and fight addiction on your own terms!

Drug Treatment Centers Los Angeles

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