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Green Crack Strain

Green Crack Strain

To help you better navigate your way through the ever-increasing world of cannabis strains, WHOLESALEBUD.CA would like to share some information with you about the popular and energizing green crack strain. Sometimes, depending on where you purchase your Green Crack, it might be called Green Kush because of the negative connotations associated with crack. Therefore, if you are ever in a cannabis dispensary, and you see Green Kush, this is Green Crack. The two strains are the same. They just have different names.

WHOLESALEBUD.CA proudly sells the Green Crack strain, available in increments ranging from one gram to one pound. The more you buy, the more you save! Our representatives are standing by to assist with your orders.

What are the Effects of the Green Crack Strain?

A lot of artists love Green Crack because they can consume this strain and jump straight into a project. Fewer cannabis strains get the creative juices flowing better than Green Crack does! Indeed, Green Crack is as popular as it is because it promotes sharp focus and increased concentration. If you want to catch a buzz before work, or if you want to catch a buzz and still have the energy to get stuff done, then Green Crack is one of the best strains you will find!

Is Green Creek Recreational or Medicinal?

Green Crack can invigorate a person with energy that lasts all day, and it is the perfect strain for treating people with depression, stress, and even fatigue. The sensations that recreational users of the Green Crack strain report include happiness, energy, uplifted, focused, and euphoric. Medicinal Green Crack patients report stress reduction, depression alleviation, fatigue alleviation, pain reduction or elimination, and appetite enhancement.

Are There Any Negative Effects from Green Crack?

As with every strain of cannabis, there are negative reviews about Green Crack. Fortunately, there are usually simple remedies or solutions for the negative effects of the Green Crack strain. Here's what we were able to find Green Crack users complaining about online.

Dry Mouth
Some users have complained about dry mouth when consuming Green Crack. Perhaps a stick of gum could come in handy.

Dry Eyes
Every cannabis strain can lead to dry eyes. WHOLESALEBUD.CA recommends keeping a bottle of Visine on-hand.

If you are someone who has schizophrenia, then Green Crack might not be ideal for you, as it can enhance paranoia. In such a case, a low-THC, high-CBD strain is recommended.

If you are someone who has social anxiety, you might want to be alone or around people you know and trust in a peaceful setting when you consume Green Crack, as it has been reported to make some people feel nervous or anxious.


If you have any further questions or require assistance in making your purchases, contact us today with any questions, and we'll be glad to help you. WHOLESALEBUD.CA sells the best cannabis strains in the world at the best prices and in the quantities you need.

Green Crack Strain
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