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medical assistant programs near me Los Angeles

Medical Assistant Programs Near Me in Los Angeles and Their Contribution

A Medical Assistant is a person trained to assist physicians in outpatient clinics and medical offices. They have been growing in the last few years, and are expected to grow in number, due to the expected increase in physician offices and outpatient facilities. Another factor that has contributed to their growth is the continuing advance of medical technology and the increasing number of elderly Americans.

Facilities like the Regan Career Institute give aspiring medical assistants the programs they need to get before they can serve alongside physicians. Los Angeles, California is one area where there are a growing number of good institutions providing programs for aspiring medical assistants.

Medical assistants are often found working in the following facilities:

  • Services for employment
  • Diagnostic and medical laboratories
  • Facilities for nursing care
  • Centers for outpatient care
  • Ambulatory services
  • Public and private educational services
  • Local and state government agencies

The work of Medical Assistants is composed of both the administrative and clinical functions. Their administrative functions include all office responsibilities such as documentation, coordination among different hospital departments, communicating with patients and hospital staff, and scheduling of medical personnel.

Clinical duties, on the other hand, may include the following:

  • assisting physicians as they do their rounds
  • preparing patients for examination by a doctor
  • the taking of patient’s medical history
  • explaining to medical treatments or therapies to patients            
  • doing liaison work with the patient
  • preparation and administration of medical therapies upon physician’s instruction
  • taking vital signs of patients

How to Become One

There are many formal training available for those who want to pursue a career as a Medical Assistant. Training could be found in vocational schools, post-secondary vocational schools, colleges and universities, and junior colleges. The number of institutions offering formal training ensures that there will always be a Medical Assistant program near anyone interested in it.

These educational institutions set up their programs and get it accredited through ABHES and CAAHEP. Such accreditation ensures that there is uniformity in the standards that are implemented in the formal training of Medical Assistants.

Subject matters that are covered include anatomy, accounting, clinical and diagnostic procedures, insurance processing, first aid, ethics, medical administration, laboratory techniques, patient relations, medical terminology, patient relations, record keeping, physiology, record keeping, and transcription. One will notice that there is a balance of subjects for the administrative and clinical functions of the Medical Assistant.

Your Search for Medical Assistant Programs Near Me in Los Angeles

Just like any medical professional, Medical Assistants are also required to go through an internship before they formally finish their training and course. The internship ensures that whatever theoretical knowledge they have is put to practical use and testing. Interested in pursuing this path? Waste no time asking “are there medical assistant programs near me in Los Angeles?" Head on to the Regan Career Institute and take the first step to enter the medical assistant profession right away.

medical assistant programs near me Los Angeles

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