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Marijuana Grow Lights

Marijuana Grow Lights

Home grown cannabisco is your one-stop for great marijuana seeds and what better way to guarantee that your product is well nourished when grown indoors than with the aid of marijuana grow lights.

Marijuana grow lights are an essential tool for growers who cant cultivate their marijuana outside in areas exposed to direct sunlight. In such situations grow lights are the best alternatives with light being the source of light for plants.

Why do you grow lights?

Marijuana is just as delicate as any other plant, that said, it requires sufficient light for it to flourish properly. Growing your marijuana indoors wouldn't afford you that luxury and rather than consider openings which sunlight could pass through maybe through your ceilings or walls, marijuana grown lights are the way to go as they give your plant the much-needed light they deserve by serving as a very productive alternative to sunlight.

What are the various types of marijuana grow lights?

Grow lights come in three forms; LED grow lights, Fluorescent Grow Lights and High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Grow Lights.

LED Grow lights.

Led grow lights are some of the more popular marijuana grow lights with most growers preferring them due to them relatively running at cool temperatures. Another reason is often due to them being easily set up along walls, ceilings of what have you.

LEd lights have strong penetration reach which is a very determining factor as plants need light in abundance especially when planted indoors.

Fluorescent Grow Lights.

Fluorescent grow lights come in a variety of forms. Some of the more recognized forms are the ever noticed long tubes (T5 Grow Lights) which often come as part of a panel and in some other cases twisted bulbs (CFL grow lights). Both of these bulbs serve their purposes and can be properly utilized based on the room structure and expected area of coverage.

Fluorescent Grow Lights are cheap to buy, cost-efficient in the long run due to low power consumption. Their low power consumption does come at a fault though which is a low level of yields per watt than the other types of grow lights.

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Grow Lights.

HID grow lights are much more power-efficient than fluorescent bulbs and are great for growing marijuana. They can easily get very hot though which has seen them being utilized or hooked up with an exhaust to assist in venting out heat when applied.

HIDs are rather a little difficult to set up when compared to fluorescent grow lights but compensate by producing the highest yields per watt. Due to this factor, HIDs are often regarded as the most suitable grow light for growing marijuana but due to the cost implications and setup structure, people may want to consider the easier alternatives, all depending on the scale of your farm and your expected productivity.

We at Homegrown cannabisco understand the stress and work that goes into the production of marijuana and really encourage you to consider growing your own pot. We have a foray of seed options to choose from to help you embark on this journey, please be sure to take a look at our inventory.

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