Download a NursePlan timesheet

NursePlan provides two types of timesheets for your use:

     1) A three part carbonated copy. Following completion the blue copy must be retained by the client, the white copy forwarded to NursePlan and the yellow copy can be retained for your own records.
     2) A downloadable timesheet. This will be produced on one side of A4 and must be signed by the client and forwarded to NursePlan. If you or the client want a copy of this timesheet it is important that the timesheet is photocopied before forwarding it for processing to NursePlan.

Submission of timesheets

Prompt submission of your correctly completed time sheet will help ensure that you are paid on time. Our payroll accepts faxed time sheets for your convenience. Once your timesheet has been completed and signed by the client, you must:
    • Post the top copy or the downloadable timesheet back to us
      Timesheets received by midday Monday will be processed in that weeks pay.
      Timesheets received after this cut off time will be carried over to the following week.
      Please ensure that timesheets are submitted on a weekly basis.
      NursePlan accepts timesheets submitted through Royal Mail, fax or email. It is your responsibility to ensure that your timesheet arrives safely and on time.
  • If you would like further clarification please call us on 0845 003 5342.